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Have you ever wondered, “what is it like to work in a hospital?” Our immersion programs seek to answer just that. Read testimonials from our satisfied clients who have gone through our programs and then contact us to find out how you can be a part of our next program.

Our day in the hospital interacting with actual clinicians and their patients was by far the most valuable, meaningful time I have spent in more than five years on the Mission Board. I cannot recommend enough the Director Immersion program. It was transformational.Health System Board Chair (attorney and Best Lawyers in America honoree)
Richard Bock did a magnificent job with my Immersion … it was simply unforgettable. As great as this was, I hungered for more.Health System Quality Committee Member (consultancy CEO and former Special Assistant to the President of the US)
As a Board Member lacking a healthcare background, my Immersion Day was invaluable in helping me to understand the challenges that our hospital—and our industry—face. And it was highly gratifying to hear so many unprompted compliments of the Mission staff and experience from patients. The organization of my Immersion was impeccable. I came away with a much improved understanding of Mission and its operations—and absolute awe at what Mission’s doctors and staff do every day.Health System Board Member and Finance Committee Chair (engineer, MBA, manufacturing CEO)
Mission provides state-of-the-art care to people regardless of ability to pay, without passing judgment on the behaviors that brought them in the door, and in spite of the regulatory and compliance burdens placed on them by the state and federal government.N.C. Rep. Brian Turner, in a guest editorial in the Asheville Citizen Times
The day could not have been more interesting. I also don’t think it could have been done better.Health System Board Vice-Chair (physician, former President and CEO, Pennsylvania Hospital, and CEO, American College of Physicians)
Just after watching endovascular repair of an aortic aneurysm, Board and Finance Committee members examine the O.R.’s supply of endografts. Each white box contains an implant which costs $20,000 to the hospital. This half-million-dollar inventory helps bring the Finance Committee’s spreadsheet line item “Supply Costs” alive for these Board members’ Immersion.
It was the greatest day of my professional life. Health System Board and Finance Committee member (architect, developer)
Philanthropy is your highest ROI business line. The reality is that a dollar generated by philanthropy takes less organization-wide effort, resources, and space to produce than most operational revenue streams. At one health system, it would take more than $70 million in charges, or about 5,000 inpatients (a staggering volume increase in today’s market), to produce the same $1 million that its foundation secures. The Advisory Board, “5 Things CEOs Need to Know About Philanthropy'
I was able to put some actual patient faces to those recurring themes of poverty, access to health care, primary care, smoking, diabetes, obesity, substance abuse, mental health, the uninsured, those in the ‘gap. Health System Board Member (systems engineer)
Does she have insurance? Can she pay for her treatment? No one asks, no one cares. The goal is to save a life, and they succeed…Mission provides state-of-the-art care to people regardless of ability to pay, without passing judgment on the behaviors that brought them in the door, and in spite of the regulatory and compliance burdens placed on them by the state and federal government. N.C. Rep. Brian Turner
Major donors require unique, highly customized experiences and thoughtful partnerships. Organizations should establish donor engagement plans that include extraordinary experiences. Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine
No matter how busy people were, I saw nothing but compassion and patience from all of the caregivers. The hospital seemed almost like one of those ant farms from the 1960s. There are so many moving parts, but it runs like a well oiled machine. I could see the pride of ownership in everyone I met today. Are things perfect? No. Will they ever be? Probably not, but what I saw and experienced today leaves me with a great deal of pride as a Board member, to have just a very small part in it. Health System Board Member (banker)
I was appreciative of the significant effort made by Dr. Bock to ensure that all the required protocols were observed, that surgeons and staff were pre-briefed both prior to and during my tour, and that I received broad exposure to a variety of situations including OR, ED, patient rounds, staff briefings and individual conversations with caregivers and patients. I highly recommend that this opportunity be extended to any member of a Board of Directors wanting to gain first hand knowledge of their hospital’s operations, and in particular to those directors lacking a health care background. Health System Board Member (engineer, Former IT executive and CEO)
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