Policymaker Immersion™ Program



Your health system must work effectively with legislators and government officials. Their influence can make the difference between thriving and barely surviving. Even the most well-informed policymakers often have an incomplete understanding of how health systems operate and the challenges they face. Without first-hand knowledge, they are left to draw their own conclusions based on anecdotal information, lobbyist spin, or reality TV.



Policymaker Immersion™. Policymakers are eager to see for themselves what health systems do and the role they play in the lives of their constituents. Through Policymaker Immersion™, our hospital education program, you are able to teach them about those things that can most impact your operations: patient non-compliance, substance abuse, under-funded behavioral health programs, expanded Medicaid coverage, and the impact of chronic diseases on hospitalizations and readmissions. Policymaker Immersion™ is also a great time to talk about successes and innovations. However you choose to structure your immersion experience, one thing is certain: the policymakers you depend on will leave with a better understanding of the challenges you face, better hospital education, and a greater appreciation for the work you do.



For one North Carolina hospital, Policymaker Immersion™ provided the opportunity to get to know a new legislator and educate him about what it takes to provide quality care. He met patients, saw surgeries being performed and sat in on post-op family briefings. He learned first-hand how Medicaid expansion (and the lack of it) affects hospitals and patients, and he watched as an E.D. team brought a young mother back to life from a near-fatal pulmonary embolism.


His response appeared as a guest editorial in the major daily newspaper. That editorial delivered a clear message: in order for hospitals to fulfill their life-saving mission, they must have support at home and in the state capital.

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