Philanthropy Immersion™ Program



You have dozens of prospective donors with the potential for gifts of $500,000, $1 million, or more, and they’re interested in your mission. But before they will commit to a major gift, these executive portfolio donors need real exposure to the lives you save and to your health system’s needs. You may have created a “Grateful Patient” program, but something is still missing: a powerful connection between your donor and the care you provide every day. Meanwhile, your physicians are not accustomed to dealing with donors, and don’t have the time or the inclination to be the crucial bridge to major giving that you and your Foundation management need.



Philanthropy Immersion, our healthcare philanthropy education program™. We design and deliver customized Immersion experiences for your Executive Portfolio donors. Your donor is escorted by a philanthropy-focused physician through unforgettable and touching episodes of care that match their area of interest. We don’t just tell your donors about the lives your health system saves; we show them. Our carefully planned and executed Philanthropy Immersion sets the stage for your Foundation Director’s “ask.” Afterward, your donors help spread the word, and Philanthropy Immersion becomes a cornerstone in your philanthropic community.



One not-for-profit hospital saw philanthropy as a major resource for improving its bottom line and expanding the services it wants to provide. With a fiscal 2015 margin of 1.8%, the mathematics were as simple as they were compelling: a $1,000,000 gift would equate to $59 million in revenues. And the hospital’s Foundation already had a list of executive portfolio donors who wanted to see the front lines of care and need. With its new healthcare Philanthropy Immersion program, it expects a ROI of 45x its first year.

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