Photographed by: William Woody | ©Asheville Citizen-Times

Journalist Immersion™ Program



Interactions between your health system and journalists all too often focus on headline-generating problems: emergency department wait times, patient billing errors, lawsuits, and one-of-a kind adverse events. Then there are the CEO interviews that focus on salary and benefits.


In today’s 24-7 news cycle, where tweets and blogs are the rule and in-depth journalism is the exception, healthcare reporting fails to provide insight into the often intractable challenges you and your team face in today’s changing environment. The result is a skewed media portrayal that only amplifies the problems executive leaders face and turns the public relations team into a bucket brigade, constantly putting out fires.



Customized Journalist Immersion™, our hospital education plan. This bold strategy showcases your team’s passion for the work they do and the obstacles they face. Your burdens and challenges, accomplishments and successes shine through, and priceless, insightful journalism follows.



For a large, safety-net hospital system with a history of strained media relations, Journalist Immersion™ produced ground-breaking coverage: a 17-article series that transformed perceptions of the health system across its 18-county service area. The health system’s relationship with the press was renewed and invigorated. And because the stories focused on front-line staff, the coverage was a morale-booster for the hundreds of unsung bedside heroes.


Good reporters want to write good stories. Our hospital education plan, Journalist Immersion,™ gives them access to the stories and so much more. It creates a framework in which journalists experience the stories in meaningful and compelling ways. In the process they build constructive, enduring relationships with you and your executive team.

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