Board Immersion™ Program


Your Board members are carefully selected to reflect the communities you serve. They all receive an orientation. But most have expertise in other fields, not health care. And when you need for them to understand the complexities and operational challenges you face, spreadsheets and presentations simply aren’t enough.


Has your Board seen how your health system really works? Can you count on your Board to make sense of the barriers, complexities, and strategies you need? Do they understand—at a granular level—what you do? Can your Board keep pace with the latest fiduciary standards and regulatory changes just through attending “executive rounds”? With change at every turn, and threats to your bottom line around every corner, is your Board well equipped to effectively collaborate with management?


Board Immersion™ addresses these needs, using effective, well-tested tools that let your Board experience first-hand the complexity and challenges of running a health system. The result of our hospital board education program is increased Board buy-in, improved governance, and true collaboration and consensus in solving your toughest problems.



Mission Health System’s payor mix, which ranks among the worst in the nation, had its financial challenges compounded when the state legislature decided not to expand Medicaid. Bottlenecks in behavioral health care created significant downstream inefficiencies. Meanwhile, non-compliance among safety-net patients affected readmission rates and brought losses in Medicare and Medicaid payments. EMR updates solved some problems only to create others. Management needed a way to:


  • Meaningfully illustrate its challenges for Board members.
  • Help the Board better evaluate options and strategies.
  • Build Board consensus for management’s plans and recommendations.



Board Immersion™. No two health systems are alike. So we begin by listening and learning about your obstacles, objectives, and pain points. Using the Immersion Advisors™ proven toolkit through our hospital board education program, we work together to build the customized Immersion experience that best fits the needs of your Board.



Over the last three years, members of Mission Health System’s Board of Directors have experienced Immersion. The results, detailed in this New England Journal of Medicine  article, have been transformational:


1. Increased Board engagement and deep understanding of the executive team’s challenges and strategies brought true collaboration, followed by national recognition. Under the leadership of its visionary CEO Ronald A. Paulus, MD—and despite its safety-net payor mix and Medicaid limitations—Mission was named a Truven Top-15™ Health System for an unprecedented three consecutive years.

2. Board-management alignment and trust has gone from good to superb, allowing the CEO to focus on strategy.

3. The Board’s deep understanding of its flagship hospital’s challenges led it to approve management’s recommendation for construction of a $404 million patient tower, and to funding of the CEO’s groundbreaking efficiency-improvement initiative.

4. With improved insight into the complexities of running its system, Board and committee meetings are now more productive and collaborative. There is less time spent on operations and more time discussing strategic issues and governance.

5. One additional side benefit became apparent: hospital-intensive physicians wholeheartedly support Board Immersion™. For the first time they are able to interact with Board members who are engaged and interested enough to learn what they do. Simply by being seen in scrubs, Board members sent a powerful message: we support you and the work you do.

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